Bulgarian Yogurt Yogurt has been hand-made in Bulgaria for centuries by its ancient inhabitants. The unique taste and health qualities of Bulgarian Yogurt are due to the dairy starter Lb. Bulgaricus. This precious bacterium lives only in the Bulgaria's unique climate and natural conditions! Bulgarian Yogurt is prepared from fresh milk pasteurized at 93-95 C for 30 minutes. Then, the preheated whole fresh milk undergoes dairy and acid fermentation under 40-45 C. The texture is creamy and pleasant to the taste. Ingredients Pasteurized Sheep's Milk, Live Active Cultures Country of Origin Bulgaria For Additional Info Please feel free to contact us. 2015 Copyright © Gourmet Food Imports, LLC. All rights reserved | Created by Yannisinceptions.com NW: 200 g  (7 oz) NW: 400 g  (15.8 oz)